Making a Mockup Out of a Plain Book Cover with Zoom Out Feature

Since the end of June, 2023, Midjourney v5.2 came out. It includes a new feature named "Zoom Out"

Whenever you have upscaled an image from the grid of four images. You can see four three buttons avaiable to "Zoom Out" the upscaling image.

With this feature, It is much more easy for us to covert the plain book cover into a mockup with your imagination.


For example,  let's start with following prompt which is created for book "The Little Prince".

astonishing plain book cover, A star on a background of deep blue space with a silhouette of a young boy reaching towards it., The star is off-center in the top third of the cover, with the boy reaching up from the bottom third towards it. The book title takes up the middle third of the cover in white font., Its title is The little prince, Simple serif font in white., Glossy paper to enhance the vibrancy of the colors., incredible painting collaboration by Bissell and Ngai, professional design, best-seller, astonishing book layout, perfect typography, --v 5 --s 1000 --ar 10:16 --seed 2364483487

Step 1. Run this prompt with Midjourney bot, You may get grid pictures shown below.

Step 2. Upscale a prefered image, I have chosen the fourth image by clikcing U4 button. You will get the upscaling image shown below.

Step 3. Click on the Custom Zoom button and filled with following prompt in the pop out window. There are two parts of the prompt can be modified. For ①, you can describe what kind of mockup scenario you want to use. If you don't have anything in mind, just use "astonishing book cover mockup" and let midjourney to generate the fit environment for you. For ②, you can adjust the ratio of the mockup picture.


Let me show you four example output using different prompt to generate cover mockup.

Example 1: astonishing book cover mock up --v 5 --s 1000 --ar 1:1 --zoom 2

Example 2: a standing book cover mock up floating in the universe --v 5 --s 1000 --ar 1:1 --zoom 2

Example 3: A mock up of a standing book cover, next to a lying flower --v 5 --s 1000 --ar 1:1 --zoom 2

Example 4: A mock up of a lying book cover on a wooden desk --v 5 --s 1000 --ar 1:1 --zoom 2

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