AI Book Covers: Uncovering the Genre Preferences of 500 Customers

We live in an age where machines can do things that were unthinkable even a few years ago - and book cover design is one of them.

At CoverDesignAI, we have been helping indie authors and designers generate book cover ideas with ease. All they have to do is provide us with the title, genre, target emotion, target element, and primary colour of their book, and our AI-powered tools can then generate hundreds of book cover ideas in minutes - eliminating the need to manually source and compile cover designs.

We have been running our service for over 500 users so far, and here we share some of the insights we’ve gained from our data about the distribution of genres amongst our customers. 


Given the variety in the types of books our customers write, we wanted to showcase some of the amazing covers that have been generated for each of the most popular genres. Here are some examples.

 Children Book Cover: The Blid Boys Dream

Fantasy Book Cover:Darkest Before The Dawn

Guide Book Cover: Cash is Today


Whether you’re writing a fantasy novel, a how-to guide, or something else entirely, our AI-powered tools are here to help you generate beautiful book covers in minutes. Sign up now at CoverDesignAI and find out how our tools can take the hassle out of cover design!


All Supported Genres:

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